• Shot blasting and priming
  • Plasma and gas — oxygen cutting
  • Beveling  (weld preparation)
  • Press forming
  • Drilling and machining
  • Welding
  • Roll – bending (will be start into operation in October, 2013)

Products can be fabricated from the Customer’s plates, as well as steel from  own stock of Severstal SMC — Kolpino.

Extra services of raw supplies and finished products safe storage:

  • Raw material (plates) and finished products can be delivered and shipped by  trucks or railroad. The distance to St. Petersburg sea port is less then 50 kilometers;
  • In-house quality control department. All products undergo inter-operation and acceptance quality control. Finished products are furnished with quality certificates;
  • As part of our quality assurance program we work with full traceability of  all steel plates and orders.

Shot blasting and application of protective primer

The automatic preservation line for flat rolled products installed in the facility (PME-Group, Finland) is one of the largest lines in Europe. Its length is 75 m. The properties of the line make it possible to apply a wide range of  preservation coats  (primers to sheets) to meet every customer’s requirements ...

Plasma and gas — oxygen cutting

The facility’s manufacturing department have four Japanese plasma arc  cutting units (Versagraph 6000 DXI, KOIKE). One of the units is equipped with a gas-cutting torch that allows to cut plates up to 210 mm thick. The characteristics of the equipment help ensure high cleanliness and  quality ...

Beveling (welding preparation)

The service center is furnished with a wide range of edge cutting equipment, which makes it possible to properly prepare the surface of works for welding. Edges are cut by means of the following equipment: semi-automatic gas-cutting machine CIR-CUT-II (1 pc) chamfering unit IK-MAX3 (3 pcs) chamfering ...

Press forming

The facility’s fabrication yard is equipped with high-tech bending equipment whose purpose is to obtain moulded section and various parts from steel plates: Hydraulic sheet bending press YERMAK CNC AP 3600−160 (Turkey) Size range of processed steel:  metal thickness: up to 7 mm bend length: ...

Roll – bending

4−roll plate bending machine MH 340 G (Italy) (will be  start into operation in December, 2013). Size range of processed steel: metal thickness: up to 40 mm gauge length: 3,100 mm  minimum bend diameter: 495 mm maximum bend diameter: 4,500 mm    Modern CNC — controlled equipment. 4−roll machine ...

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